Letter: Avis Renshaw, Lost Corner Farm

Editor: The preservation of Loudoun’s prime ag soils is important to every Loudouner.  

Reliable local food production capacity just became alarmingly clear as the current pandemic has revealed how fragile the national and global farming and food distribution systems can be.  

Loudoun has prime soils and they are not just good dirt, they are part of a resilient ecosystem that is capable of growing a myriad of different crops and supporting a plethora of farming activities. The definition of prime soils applies not only to rich soil structure, but to annual rainfall, the water retention and drainability of the soil, and the ability of the soil to bounce back from drought or flooding. Loudoun’s prime soils make Loudoun very special and important not just within Virginia, but to the entire U.S. Prime soils are not common nor can they be manufactured. Their local protection translates to insurance that local foods can be grown right here in Loudoun to meet the needs of Loudoun residents.  

A society’s forethought to preserve, and vigilance in maintaining, necessary crop and herd lands is essential for the health of its members. It is imperative to protect our ability to feed ourselves.

Our family farm saw its CSA subscriptions double this season because of supermarket scarcity during the pandemic.  Our new customers are appreciating the quantity and quality of “Loudoun Grown.”  

Loudoun farmers are rising to the current challenge for more production on good soil, will the Board of Supervisors guarantee that next generation farmers will be able to farm Loudoun’s prime soils in the future?

Avis Renshaw, Lost Corner Farm

Vice President Loudoun Farm Bureau

2 thoughts on “Letter: Avis Renshaw, Lost Corner Farm

  • 2020-09-02 at 8:06 am

    Avis, I agree wholeheartedly with your note. Unfortunately Loudoun has a passivity that seems to seal our fate. Voters are so turned off by the elected leadership and the system of campaign donations from the real estate development community that the large majority don’t even vote. This allows the current parties to control the vote by just having a few more votes than the other party neither of which may actually represent the wishes of the majority. Each “party” candidate for Chair raised over $1 million. Apparently the current BOS and current School Board only have hidden agendas because there is no public list of priorities as they seem to lurch from one social issue to another as if that is what the majority wants from leadership. Convince the majority to show up and we might get batter leadership and hopefully less high density residential emphasis as well. 🙂

  • 2020-09-04 at 2:48 pm

    This is just an attempt to use government to reduce property values so some farmers and wealthy land owners can purchase the land of those farmers that have decided to stop farming or whose farms have failed at a discount from what the true market value of the land would be.

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