Purcellville Council Seeks Input on Police Advisory Group

The Purcellville Town Council will hold a public hearing at its Sept. 8 meeting to solicit resident input on the creation of a town Policing Advisory Committee.

Residents will have the chance during the meeting, which begins at 7 p.m., to share their thoughts on the idea of the advisory group, which is proposed to enhance police-community relationships, advise the police department on its budget and how it enforces laws.

Already, some residents and council members have expressed concern about the creation of such a group, noting that its proposed mission document contains language that makes the group seem more like an oversight, rather than an advisory, panel. In the past month, at least 32 residents have informed the town they are interested in helping to create the committee.

To learn how to participate virtually in the hearing, go to purcellvilleva.gov/913/TC-and-PC-Agendas-Videos-etc.

One thought on “Purcellville Council Seeks Input on Police Advisory Group

  • 2020-09-04 at 6:14 am

    With all the problems the PPD are having, not. Answer looking for a question. Follow the politics as to why town would pass ordinance for this when there is no issues other than the town leadership scandal regarding firing the Chief years ago. If town leadership cant advise themselves on police matters, they need to resign due to incompetency, and a civilian advisory group cannot advise anything about LE matters since that is not their area of expertise, so you have the ignorant advising the ignorant. If existing policies concerning the PPD are deemed inadequate, then change the policies, otherwise more red tape and at end of the day ” Thanks for your advice, but no thanks”. Leave the policing to the professionals, not the armchair Karen’s sitting at home with nothing to do. A first step in trying to apply undue influence over a Town Agency by activist citizens along with questionable motives by certain Town leaders, or as the mayor pointed out, the breach of process when town staff solicited public input without the mayors knowledge ( sounds like he has some house cleaning to do with rogue staff ). Next thing you know they will want an advisory group for the sewage plant, cause that will be beyond their ability to manage as well. If you want more communication with the PPD, why don’t you go up and talk to one of them when you see them. You can request to meet with the Chief as well, or you can attend a PPD community event. They are not the enemy, they are your neighbors and fellow citizens. All ya gotta do is take the initiative to say “Hello” and wave to them.

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