Cookology21 Rolls Out Virtual Program

Cookology21 Professional Culinary School has launched its first virtual culinary program in English and Spanish. 

Curriculum will be taught on-site 30% of the time and via WebEx 70% of the time, with both daytime and evening course offerings. The company seeks to equip up-and-coming culinary professionals with the tools and techniques they need to thrive in the industry. 

On-site classes take place one or two days per week for a few hours per day, while 70% of the program takes place at home via WebEx. The company offers payment plans and up to two years to complete the certificate program. 

Following a shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual course offerings began with summer camps and then expanded with a variety of virtual events—ranging from birthday parties to corporate team buildings. 

The new courses begin in October. 

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