Letter: Bren Cawley, Lovettsville

Editor: In response to the supervisors consider banning firearms on public property, may I provide the following.

The myopic views of some of your readership regarding suppression of the Second Amendment are appalling. 

To deny the rights of every legal gun owner, be they Loudoun Citizens or not, is socialist and paranoid.

As a disabled veteran, married to a fellow veteran, and mother of two children currently serving on active duty, many Loudouners continue to protect the rights of citizens—including the First Amendment right of Ms. Coppage. She may consider moving to Maryland, Massachusetts, California or England, where countless educated and trained heroes already granted the right of concealed carry by Loudoun County are not be able to protect her.

You may not consider or realize it, but we have your back freely. Why do you not have ours?

Bren Cawley, Lovettsville

3 thoughts on “Letter: Bren Cawley, Lovettsville

  • 2020-09-06 at 4:44 pm

    Tell you what Holmes- You can take your service, $5 and you can buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks just like the rest of us. The soldier depends on the teacher, the teacher depends on the garbageman, the garbageman depends on the lineman….. There are plenty of ways to serve this country without marching off to war behind a song and a flag.

    And check your firearm at the door when you’re on county property, the same way you would on any army base.

    • 2020-09-08 at 8:55 am

      And the vilification of residents and veterans, including disabled veterans, who actually treasure all our rights, continues and escalates.

      I’d be proud to buy a coffee for the entire Cawley family and thank them for their service. Many service members do march off to war and many of those who return limp home due to service-related injuries. Most people don’t realize what humping a pack through the jungles or mountains or desert can do to a soldier’s body over 10 years of service.

  • 2020-09-13 at 11:13 am

    Coffee for the whole family? Yea Johny, I bet when the Army trots out the colors at a football game, (after paying the NFL taxpayer monies to do so) you bust a single tear.

    Here’s the thing. The soldier you sent off to the mountains of Afghanistan or the jungles of Vietnam didn’t need a cup of coffee and your pat yourself on the back ’cause you support the troops single feel good tear. That soldier needed a supportive government who took care not to spill the blood of our youth and the treasures of our country needlessly. That soldier’s family needed health care and support when their dad limped home- instead you give them meaningless thanks

    In a month or so you’ll pull the lever for the guy who openly thinks that soldiers are losers and chumps. After all, Bren “knew what he signed up for”.

    Besides, this particular soldier made his feeling clear. He didn’t fight for my freedom. He didn’t fight for Mrs Coppage’s freedom. Instead he fought for the ‘freedoms’ of the people who agree with him. The rest of us? ….yea he’d like us to move someplace else.

    Kinda seems like this soldier missed the point of serving his country, kinda like you.

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