Letter: David W, Walker, Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes

Editor: After the Japanese attached Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt said it was a date that “would live in infamy.” It was surely that as it touched off our involvement in World War II which changed our country—and the world—immeasurably.

No one famous said it, but I believe 9/11 is also a date that will live in infamy—it touched off our continuing battle against Islamic fanatics who are waging war, not just on us, but on civilization itself. We are contending with people who want to take humanity back to the seventh century—an age of darkness and ignorance. Like it or not, we are fighting for the preservation of our core values and way of life.

We of all people know the price of this seemingly endless war that began 19 years ago today. If we try real hard, we can remember a time when we didn’t have to go through security to board airplanes. We deal with the legacy of 9/11 every day when we bring our support to wounded veterans and their families contending with the aftermath of their sacrifices in this struggle. This ongoing war dominates our lives the way WWII dominated that earlier generation, but our war never ends.

Let each of us today take a moment to pause from our work and ponder the sacrifices of our heroes who have laid down their lives in our defense in this endless war, and those who have come home bearing the wounds of battle. We all know them, honor them and love them. Each generation has its own burdens to bear. This one is ours.

Let us pray that we live long enough to see it end.

David W, Walker, President & CEO

Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes

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