Letter: Bob Ohneiser, Lucketts

Editor: As a parent of three children all of whom graduated from LCPS and an 8-year former School Board member, I am appalled by the apparent lack of awareness by this School Board to the obvious failure of its current online-only policy and the continued refusal to insist that parental input count toward LCPS staff performance reviews. 

How is a parent of an elementary school student who must work and perhaps has no ability to assist their student with studies supposed to influence the School Board regarding how absurd its policies are? 

Dr. Hatrick reminded our School Board of the importance of both believing and practicing the belief that it is all about the children. This seems to be lost in the current LCPS administration. 

Who will be accountable if these students don’t receive the quality of education Loudoun has long been proud of yet still spend $1.4 billion of taxpayer funding? 

I am saddened by all the stories I am hearing from mostly diverse parents who don’t know how to fix this situation, which is both troubling and harming their children. 

What happened to School Board priorities?

Bob Ohneiser, Lucketts

2 thoughts on “Letter: Bob Ohneiser, Lucketts

  • 2020-09-24 at 2:51 pm

    “What happened to School Board priorities?” They still have priorities, but they changed. Now the one and only priority is to push Marxism through unjust social justice policies.

    It’s all about indoctrination now. “Education” is a distant memory, and your money is being wasted.

  • 2020-09-25 at 7:04 am

    Right on Bob and David.

    Williams and his merry band are in the process of destroying traditional education in Loudoun and transitioning to a marxist agenda. Parents need to observe their kids on line teachings and hold teachers accountable.

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