Movie Theater Reopens in Village at Leesburg

CMX Cinemas Village 14, formerly known as Cobb Theatres, has reopened in the Village at Leesburg neighborhood.

The theater reopened to the public on Friday, Sept. 25, following a months-long closure because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a press release announcing the reopening, CMX Cinemas said the theater will show both new releases and classic movies for all ages.

“Since the day the movie theater closed, back in March 2020, CMX Cinemas has been working on reopening plans and safety protocols for all its theaters. It is our goal to provide you the best picture quality and immersive audio experience you have come to expect from CMX Cinemas. We take these responsibilities very seriously. Therefore, we have been working diligently on safety protocols that will make CMX Cinemas a model, not just for theaters, but for all businesses on how to open responsibly. We’ve missed all our guests and we are thrilled to have them back,” stated Guy Austin, vice president of operations at CMX Cinemas.

Among the new safety measures in place are an automatic social distancing procedure when the guests reserve their seats online or in person at the concierge desk. The system will automatically block off seats north, south, east, and west of the selected seats, allowing guests to be surrounded by empty seats. In between each show, theater staff uses foggers to completely disinfect and sanitize the air as well as all surfaces inside the theater.

The theater is also requiring face masks for guests and staff members; encouraging mobile ticketing and providing modified concessions, with contactless payment options; and increasing sanitation procedures throughout the theater, among other changes.

More information on the theater and its current movie offerings can be found at

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