Census Count Wraps Up in Loudoun; County Ranked 3rd in State Self-Response Rates

As of today, U.S. Census enumerators plan to wrap up their door-to-door rounds in Loudoun. But those workers braved the heat this summer to collect only a fraction of the data Loudouners provided on their own.

The 2020 Census, as of Sept. 29, is reporting that 98% of American households in all 50 states, Washington, DC and Puerto Rico have been tallied. From those responses, 71% of Virginians responded on their own volition, placing the commonwealth eighth in that list of 52, with the national self-response rate at 66.5%. And Loudouners really helped to push Virginia atop that list, with 82% of the 413,500-resident population responding to the Census on their own volition—giving Loudoun the third-highest self-response rate among the commonwealth’s 95 counties and 38 independent cities.

Ahead of Loudoun was Fairfax City reporting an 82.8% self-response rate and the City of Poquoson reporting an 82.6% self-response rate.

A decade ago, Loudoun’s self-response rate came out to be 75%.

And among Loudoun’s seven incorporated towns, it was 86.6% of Lovettsville’s 2,200-resident population that gave Virginia’s northernmost town the designation of highest self-response rate in the county.

Behind Lovettsville came Purcellville with a self-response rate of 84.9%, then Leesburg with an 80.75% rate, Round Hill with a 79.8% rate, Hamilton with a 75.8% rate, Middleburg with a 60.5% rate, and lastly Hillsboro with a 59.3% rate.

Those responses will prove important to the county and the services on which residents rely.

According to the Census Bureau’s website, the results of the 2020 Census will help determine how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding are distributed to local communities throughout the next decade. An accurate count also affects how legislative districts are drawn, which can impact the number of seats Virginia has in the House of Representatives.

Census Bureau Partnership Specialist Alvenia McQueen previously told the county’s Complete Count Committee—which was responsible for getting a majority of the county’s population counted—that each Loudouner not counted means $2,000 a year lost. This year, more than $675 billion a year in federal funding for local, state and tribal governments is at stake.

Loudoun’s self-response rates in the 2010 Census showed different results for the county’s seven towns. In that Census count, Purcellville topped the list with 77.2% of its population taking the initiative to respond on their own volition. Lovettsville followed with a 75.9% self-response rate, Leesburg with a 75.7% rate, Middleburg with a 64.8% rate, Hillsboro with a 60.9% rate, Hamilton with a 50.9% rate, and Round Hill last with a 37% rate.


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