Letter: Dan McGinnis, Round Hill

Editor: After reading accounts from numerous parents about the difficulties that they face on educating their children following the school closures, I thought of the following facts. 

The schools are closed. The county does not have universal internet coverage. Many parents therefore are being forced to spend significant time and resources to provide alternative ways to educate their children.

It would seem to me that these parents, as a group, should initiate a class action suit against the county and the school system for reimbursement.

Dan McGinnis, Round Hill

One thought on “Letter: Dan McGinnis, Round Hill

  • 2020-10-05 at 11:41 am

    We could start by asking every democrat state senator in Loudoun why they voted down giving Loudoun parents a $500 reimbursement per child for costs due to remote learning and childcare last week? The money would have come from CARES Act funds.

    The democrat state senators want to spend the money on pet supporters, rather than give it to working Loudoun parents who could use a boost right about now.

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