Letter: League of Women Voters of Loudoun County

Editor: Before you vote, be sure to do your own research on Amendment 1 (www.fairmapsva.org). Amendment 1 will bring much needed redistricting reform to Virginia.  

For the first time, meetings of the commission will be open and transparent.  Eight non-elected citizens will be directly involved in redistricting; one will be appointed chairman. The Voting Rights Act will guide the process, making sure to provide fairness and equity throughout the commonwealth. 

It is time to stop elected legislators from choosing their voters which leads to their repeated re-election to the General Assembly with some legislators serving more than 20 years. Bring competition to the election process for Virginia General Assembly and ensure for future generations of Virginia voters fair and equitable legislative districts. Vote YES to Amendment 1.

Priscilla Godfrey, Anna Kinney

League of Women Voters of Loudoun County

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