Letter: Jack Curtis, Leesburg

Editor: I am writing in response to recent articles that have been published regarding VMI. I can’t speak to other individual’s experiences at the school, nor will I condone the accusations regarding the cadet in 2018 or the adjunct professor. What I can comment on is how the Honor Court operates at VMI. 

I served for two years on the court and any insinuation or statement that it operates on racial lines and is biased against African American Cadets is deeply offensive to me. 

The Honor Code at VMI states “A Cadet will not lie, cheat, steal nor tolerate those who do.” This is the foundation of the school, and permeates every aspect of a cadet’s life. 

Serving on the court is a serious responsibility, and once elected by their classmates the members make it their mission to ensure the court is seen as living up to high VMI standards, but also acts in a fair, equitable manner. I can truthfully say the only position I have taken more seriously than my time on the VMI Honor Court was as a platoon leader in Afghanistan. 

Those on the court understand that lives are being impacted if a cadet is expelled for a violation, so the greatest care is taken to ensure it is a fair, transparent process. 

Of note, it appears elected officials are unaware of how the court operates. The Honor Court does not make decisions on who is expelled; it is decided by a randomly selected jury of fellow cadets, and those accused have the right to defend themselves. More often than not, actual attorneys are used.

I believe the attacks on the Honor Court to be unsubstantiated and unverified and are merely conjecture.  

Jack Curtis, Leesburg

VMI Class of 2010

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