100WomenStrong Issues More Emergency Needs Grants

100WomenStrong has completed a sixth round of funding to help nonprofit organizations that provide services in Loudoun Countytomeet new and emerging requirements created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this round, the philanthropy group is donating $42,555 to seven nonprofits, supporting the purchase of supplies to support distance learning, personal protection and deep cleaning; the administration of flu vaccines; the expansion of a free diaper program; and the delivery of housing scholarships for those experiencing substance use disorders.

100WomenStrong plans to continue with monthly assessments of requests through the end of 2020 and make distributions, as necessary.

“Area nonprofits must deliver services under new, challenging and changing constraints. There is no possible way they could have budgeted last year for what they have faced this year. For example, organizations that have offered in-person classes and support groups have had to change their delivery model to a virtual one,” said Karen G. Schaufeld, president and founder of 100WomenStrong. “Those that have started offering in-person services must adhere to stringent cleaning protocols that require supplies they may never have anticipated buying, such as PPE. They also must adhere to distancing requirements, which prompts the need for more desks, tables and other equipment.

“Demands such as these likely will continue to grow while, concurrently, no one can predict when things will go back to normal for nonprofits,” Schaufeld continued. “We plan to maintain the level of monitoringwe have been conducting since March and offer support where we can.”

The sixth round of grants is going to the following nonprofit organizations:

•The Chris Atwood Foundation – $7,000

•ECHO – $6,500

• Healthworks – $10,000

•Loudoun Literacy Council – $2,255

• Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers – $7,500

• Loudoun Homeless Services Center – $6,300

• Women Giving Back – $3,000

Since the pandemic started, the group has disbursed 51 grants, totaling more than $403,000, to nonprofit organizations which serve Loudoun County. It also donated $50,000 to create the “Pay it Forward” Direct Assistance loan program, which has generated more than $90,000 in additional donations from the community, and $25,000 worth of PPE to first responders.

Formed in 2008, 100WomenStrong is a group of concerned philanthropists seeking to strategically invest in organizations and programs that enrich the lives of Loudoun County residents, supporting nonprofits working in the areas of shelter, health, hunger and education.

For more information go to www.OneHundredWomenStrong.org or contact Pam Ray at Pam@OneHundredWomenStrong.org

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