COVID-19 Test Closes Purcellville Town Office Until Nov. 4

The Purcellville town office is closed until Wednesday, Nov. 4 following a positive COVID-19 test.

The town staff closed the office Oct. 22 upon learning of the positive test for the virus. Citing HIPAA regulations, Human Resources Director Sharon Rauch said the town staff could not disclose whether the infected person was a member of the town staff or Town Council.

Rauch said the office was sanitized on Monday and that it would be sanitized again before next Wednesday.

As for the potentially thousands of water bill payments town residents and businesses have mailed to the town office before the Nov. 3 deadline, Rauch said the person who sanitized the office has transferred those payments from the Town Office mailbox to the secure drop-box.

This is the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in Loudoun that one of the county’s seven town offices has been closed for 14 days to sanitize following a positive test of the virus. The last time the town offices were closed to the public was in March, when they all closed after their town leaders declared states of emergencies.

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