Leesburg Council Candidates Bring in Big Contributions Ahead of Election Day

As the 2020 Leesburg Town Council race enters its final days, some candidates have added large sums of money to their campaign war chests.

Perhaps it’s the donation of a national political figure, though, that’s the most noteworthy. In the month of September, incumbent Mayor Kelly Burk landed a $20,000 donation from former New York City mayor, and one-time presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg, according to a Oct. 26 campaign finance report filing. Burk had previously voiced support for Bloomberg when he was one of many Democrats seeking to challenge President Donald J. Trump, before bowing out of the race in March.

Burk has the largest campaign war chest of any candidate in the council race, with just under $33,000 available at the close of the month. She’s spent more than $15,000 this election cycle.

Her challenger, Councilman Ron Campbell, has been quieter on the fundraising scene, with a stated intention of eschewing donations and instead focusing on connecting with voters through social media. His lone contribution in the most recent reporting period came in the form of an in-kind donation for website design and hosting services by Rajesh Gooty, at $1,000. Campbell also reports a self-loan of $100.

In the four-person council race, second-time candidate Kari Nacy reported some large donations in the past two months, including a $5,350 donation to her own campaign. The Friends of Suzanne Volpe political action committee has also been a large contributor to her campaign, at $4,000 total. Nacy has spent more than $17,000 on her campaign, and ends October with an account balance of $4,295.09.

First-time candidate Zach Cummings had a quieter fall fundraising period, after finishing second only to Burk in fundraising over the summer months. He reported a little more than $1,500 in campaign donations in the months of September and October. He’s spent just under $10,000 on his council campaign, and currently has $1,700.42 available in his campaign account.

Fellow first-timer Ara Bagdasarian reported a little more than $1,000 in campaign donations between September and October, and has spent just over $1,700 in his first council campaign. He reports an ending account balance of $1,177.12.

After a quieter start to his campaign over the summer, Bill Replogle brought in more than $2,500 in campaign contributions this fall, including $200 from Burk. He has spent just under $2,500 on his campaign, and reports an ending account balance of $385.73.


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