Letter: Henry Eickelberg, Leesburg

Editor: Loudoun taxpayers deserve the right to decide whether to provide county employees with full collective bargaining rights. The implications of this decision are far too great for the Loudoun Board of Supervisors to decide this issue without securing prior taxpayer approval.

Last week, Democrats on the county board voted to allow unions with more than 100 members to hold an “Open House” twice a year on county property, as well as place union materials in new hire packets. Presumably, allowing these actions would give unions the chance to recruit new members with the ultimate goal of requiring Loudoun county to negotiate contracts with certain county employees. Imagine the backlash if Republican board members had voted to allow the NRA to act as the bargaining agent for county employees, or gave the NRA the right to hold membership meetings with county employees on county property and place promotional material in new hire packets. 

The law requires taxpayers to have a say when large financial obligations are placed on them. For example, if the Loudoun Board of Supervisors wanted to float a new bond, it would be required to secure prior voter approval. Without question, the dollar value of any single municipal employee labor contract will far exceed the value of most county bond offerings that would require prior taxpayer approval. As such, Loudoun county taxpayers deserve an advanced say before Democrats on the board (for all practical purposes) permanently lock taxpayers into higher cost collective bargaining. The long-term implications of a policy change of this magnitude demands the prior consent of the governed.

Henry Eickelberg, Leesburg

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  • 2020-11-04 at 1:44 pm

    The writer is incorrect. The County is only required to obtain voter approval in order to issue general obligation bonds. Voter approval is not required in order for the County to issue other types of bonds or expend County funds. In fact, the courts have ruled that a bond referendum isn’t a vote on the appropriateness of that expenditure, only on the use of general obligation bonds as the means of funding. Even if voters were to not approve a bond referendum, the County is perfectly within it’s rights to then still proceed with that project and simply fund it via other means (local or state funding, proffers, other types of bond issues, etc.). The point of this is that the writer misrepresents the role of citizens in the day to day operation of the County government. Citizens elect the Board of Supervisors. No more, no less. The elected Board then directs County operation.

    It’s unclear how the NRA fits into this analogy as they are not a union and could not ever be a union.

    Finally, though it has nothing to do with the discussion of unions, gun rallies have occurred in the courtyard of the County government building in Leesburg. Some as recently as this summer and involving armed militiamen carrying assault rifles.

  • 2020-11-05 at 6:13 am

    Loudoun’s citizens did vote for collecting bargaining. They voted in a labor friendly and a Dem majority BOS who supports collective bargaining.

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