Count Complete: 2020 Election Turnout Neared 80% in Loudoun

It took until Saturday morning after the election for most major news outlets to call the 2020 presidential election for Democrat Joe Biden, but on Tuesday night in Loudoun County two things were clear: Biden had won Loudoun, and voter turnout records had been shattered.

Loudoun’s Office of Elections continued to accept mailed ballots through noon on Friday after the election, so long as they were postmarked on or before Election Day. As of Tuesday night, 221,967 votes had been counted, more than ever before in Loudoun; and Biden had 61.2% of the county’s vote.

Both results inched up marginally during the week. Unofficial results show 225,625 ballots cast, representing 79.93% of registered voters. That edged out the previous record for turnout in this millennium by just over 2%, in 2008 when 77.92% of registered voters cast ballots. But ever-growing Loudoun easily beat its previous record for total number of ballots cast, 183,870 in 2016.

Meanwhile, Biden’s share of the vote rose by less than a percentage point to 61.3%. Similarly, Rep. Jennifer T. Wexton (D-VA-10)’s share of the vote stayed at about 59%.

While there had been concerns across the country about uncertainty after the election as mailed ballots continued to come in, ultimately only an additional 3,658 ballots were counted after Election Day, representing only 1.6% of the votes cast. With none of Loudoun’s elections decided by such tight margins, those votes did not move the needle much on the results.

The closest result in Loudoun was in the race for Leesburg Town Council, where Bill Replogle just missed out on a seat, trailing third-place vote-getter, Kari M. Nacy, by 367 votes. Late-arriving ballots did not change the Tuesday night result.

Accolades have continued to roll in for Loudoun’s Office of Elections, which avoided the long lines to vote and confusion seen in some other large counties.

“We have a great group of people here,” said Loudoun Registrar Judy Brown. “We couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of folks.”

This article was updated Thursday, Nov. 12 at 10:28 a.m. to correct a mathematical error.

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