Letter: Amy L. Marasco, The Nature Generation

Editor: Thanksgiving. That very special gathering time when all of us, sharing gratitude and thankfulness for the year that is nearing its end, reach out to our friends and family to

We laugh, we disagree, we share cherished family stories as we joyfully prepare feasts from recipes passed down from our grandmothers and great grandmothers.

We overeat. We watch football.

But this year, 2020, may be the most challenging to be thankful, as a global pandemic that has taken so many lives rages on, putting so many of us at risk and pushing our health workers and first responders to their limits.

It’s difficultto be thankful as we emerge from such a fraught election that seems to have further divided and entrenched our citizenry into warring camps. And how can we be optimistic and full of joy when we have witnessed—before our eyes in a way that is undeniable—a seemingly endless parade of horrific racial injustices.

So how can we be thankful?

We at the Nature Generation believe that a tableheaped withhope is where we wish to sit this Thanksgiving.Albeit perhaps virtual, at this table we will all have a seat and all are welcomed to join us.

At this table of hope we will proclaim that we arethankful.

For the researchers who are working so hard on a vaccine for all of us.

For the scientists reminding us that masks work.

For the compassionate doctors and nurses who withstand the onslaught and shepherd the souls of the lost with manifest grace.

For the Black Lives Matter movement that has awokenpeople from across races, generations and geography to the voice of their better angels beckoning to heal this nation.

For the incoming president and vice president who have committed to following the science on COVID and climate change andleading America back into the Paris Accord.

Be assured, we have much heavy lifting ahead of us in our quest for social, economic and environmental justice.But the American people are resilient—just like Mother Nature. Against all odds we flourish, and we are sustained.

So, as we stay in place, perhaps alone, this Thanksgiving, let us still reach out to hold hands and lock arms across the nation, united in our resolve to make this a safer, cleaner and kinder planet.

Let’s open our hearts and allow our better angels to guide our way.

Amy L. Marasco, Founder and President

The Nature Generation

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