Letter: Jessica Minster, Aldie

Editor: Let’s not beat around the bush, mental health has been an increasingly prevalent issue in our country, and the pandemic has not helped with the suffering endured by people of all backgrounds, ages, and genders. As a college student, I can attest to this pandemic worsening the symptoms of my mental health. 

As quarantine prolonged, seeing no real changes in the regulations put in place for the first few months, I found myself becoming increasingly more alienated from those around me, putting it off as “liking being alone.” Daily activities like making your bed, getting dressed, or making yourself food can become quite hard due to my lack of engagement with others. The forced isolation that I was put in for two months made it easy to maintain a sense of anomie, where many of my friendships were lost due to my inability to keep them. It is important to recognize those who are struggling or who have struggled with mental health, as these anomic ties are, in a sense, unavoidable.

With all this talk about mental illness, it’s important to talk about how to help it. Interdependence is a huge aid in recovering from mental health issues, as it helps connect you with other people and create a sense of collective consciousness or community. However, it is important to note that interdependence is a very intentional act, and it can’t be done simply with time. In the end, reaching out for help and using the resources already provided–such as friends and family–is always the best way to help any difficulty with mental health.

Jessica Minster, Aldie

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  • 2020-11-19 at 6:44 pm

    Jessica, It is shameful that mental health services were a major part of BOS campaigns and yet you are outlining their failing. Try to stay busy not isolated. Join a charity (multiple charities) helping others and you may see how relatively well off you are and make good friends in the process. I gave a large part of 10 years of my life to the Good Shepherd Alliance and no matter how much I donated in money and time I always got more than I gave. Not sure it will help but please don’t give up – give your time to help others and you might be surprised by all the positive feelings it brings to the surface.

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