Loudoun Hunger Gives More Than 3,500 Thanksgiving Meals

Loudoun Hunger Relief Distributed more than 3,500 Thanksgiving dinner bags with meals for four and accompanying gift cards on Saturday, Nov. 21.

That comes as the nonprofit has seen record demand for its services in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re always astounded by the generosity of the Loudoun community and this year we’ve been particularly touched by the community kindness,” said Loudoun Hunger Relief Executive Director Jennifer Montgomery. “Neighbor to neighbor—you’ve filled lots of plates.”

But Thanksgiving is just one meal—the nonprofit served nearly 900 families last week with regular grocery distribution. The number of families in need has been climbing throughout the fall, from a low of the mid-600s each week during the summer.

Give at LoudounHunger.com/give-help.

Loudoun Hunger Relief volunteers unload donated fresh produce on Saturday, Nov. 21. [Renss Greene/Loudoun Now]

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