Distance Learning Finds Greater Support in New Loudoun Schools Survey

As Loudoun school leaders wrestle with ways to ramp up in-person learning, a new survey shows that more families are happy to continue learning at home. 

Last week, parents and students were asked to log their preferences for the second semester, which starts Jan. 21. Fifty-nine percent opted to continue with 100% distance learning and only 31% stated a preference for the hybrid program, which includes two days of in-person instruction. 

Those results differ significantly from a similar survey conducted over the summer in preparation for the opening of the school year. At that time, half of the division’s 81,000 students selected hybrid learning. 

Approximately 10% of the students did not make a selection in the survey. They will be added to the hybrid learning list by default. 

The highest interest in hybrid learning was at the elementary school level, with 12,365 students (35%) selecting that option. Another 3,554 made no selection and will be added to that group.

Thirty percent of middle schoolers, 6,046 students in total, selected hybrid learning, with another 1,492 making no choice.

At the high school level, only 24% selected hybrid learning, a total of 6,486 students. Another 3,568 made no selection. 

The highest interest in the hybrid option was among students enrolled at the Academies of Loudoun, where 54% opted for in-person class time. 

Among elementary schools, Lincoln, Culbert and Waterford had the highest level of interest in hybrid learning, with more than 60% of their students selecting that option. Goshen Post would have the most students in classrooms, with 426 students selecting the hybrid option. At Belmont Station, Buffalo Trail, Little River, and Madison’s Trust more than 300 students selected the hybrid option.

Harmony and Blue Ridge middle schools had the highest interest in hybrid learning, with 41% and 44%, respectively, choosing that option. Trailside (495) and Lunsford (469) middle schools would have the largest hybrid classes. 

Woodgrove was the only high school to have more than 30% of students selecting hybrid learning. The largest number of students selecting the hybrid options were at Freedom (614), Stone Bridge (525) and Riverside (502).

2 thoughts on “Distance Learning Finds Greater Support in New Loudoun Schools Survey

  • 2020-11-24 at 2:48 pm

    We have seen how this movie ends already…..

    The school board promises to open the schools and then they don’t.

    The nightmare will continue when they announce in December that Loudoun schools will remain closed despite the fact that private schools are open and thriving.


  • 2020-11-24 at 2:57 pm

    Science is on the side of opening Loudoun schools!

    “The death rate from Covid-19 is falling in the U.S., according to infectious-disease experts and biostatisticians, a signal of advancements in treatment of the disease.

    The coronavirus is now killing around 0.6% of people it infects, an improvement from April, when the death rate was about 0.9%, says the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.”

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