Round Hill Trail, Sidewalk Construction Moving Along

Construction of the long planned shared-use trail to connecting Franklin Park with Round Hill is underway, but not without challenges.

In July, town and county leaders ceremoniously broke ground on the $7 million Main Street Enhancement and Franklin Park Trail projects, which are improving pedestrian safety along Main Street between Loudoun Street and the former W&OD Railroad station and building a trail from the Franklin Park Pool to Lakefield Road, across a small horse farm to Lakepoint Village, under the Rt. 7 tunnel onto Newberry Crossing Place and west on Loudoun Street into the town. The county is serving as the lead project manager on both projects.

The section of trail from the park to Lakefield Road is “well under construction,” Round Hill Project Specialist Rob Lohr said on Thursday.

Now, the town and county are preparing for water line relocations and storm sewer installations for the in-town portion of the project. Crews will conduct test pittings in the next two weeks.

Because of misinformation on the exact locations of the town’s underground utilities, the project was set back a few weeks, Lohr said, adding that the town and county planned a final meeting Dec. 4 to pinpoint those locations.

Much of the work on the in-town portion will be performed in the rights-of-ways with limited work hours to reduce disruptions to traffic flow. Conversely, crews are able to work longer days on the trail through the park.

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