Citing Safety, Randall Discourages Jan. 6 Counter-protesting

Loudoun County Chair Phyllis J. Randall (D-At Large) has published a statement discouraging Loudouners from traveling to Washington, DC, for counter-protesting on Jan. 6.

Various far-right groups such as the “Proud Boys” plan to stage protests against President Donald J. Trump’s election loss and in support of baseless claims of widespread election fraud. Randall joined other regional leaders in encouraging people not to counter-protest.

“In the face of organizations that are more than willing—and in fact eager—to engage in violent acts, counter-protestors can only serve to inflame an already dangerous situation,” Randall wrote. “In addition, the presence of counter-protestors will put unneeded strain on law enforcement in the District of Columbia. Counter-protesting will unnecessarily embolden these fringe groups.”

Trump has repeatedly said that he won the November election and that there was widespread voter fraud, even as attorneys in court admitted they were not alleging voter fraud and had no evidence of it. Few actual cases of voter fraud have been found, and the Trump campaign and allies have lost more than 50 cases in court on the topic. On Sunday, Trump was caught in a leaked recording attempting to pressure Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” enough votes to flip the state’s election results.

Read Randall’s full letter here.

4 thoughts on “Citing Safety, Randall Discourages Jan. 6 Counter-protesting

  • 2021-01-04 at 2:03 pm

    If Phyllis tells you not to do something, do the exact opposite. This is a person who supported violent leftist democrats rioting, arson, and assaulting regular people on the streets of D.C. all summer and fall. Now, she’s defending the establishment?

    She has zero credibility or authority to tell you what to do. Phyllis is a morally and intellectually bankrupt power seeker who could care less about Loudoun County so long as it furthers her personal narcissistic agenda.

    Ignore her, and any other self-important “official” who attempts to tell you when and when you can or cannot exercise your First Amendment rights.

  • 2021-01-04 at 2:45 pm

    Randall can kindly stuff it.

    She was out there protesting away last year for her causes.

    More of that classic elitism…. rules for thee, but not for me.

  • 2021-01-04 at 4:24 pm

    Ignore this woman and Mayor Bowser. This is mere hysterics brought to you by operatives of the democrat party. remember lobby day and that lockdown that was totally unnecessary well Mayor Bowser is being so kind as to provide law abiding rally goes protection from the Antifa and BlM bottom dwellers that Randall and Bowser hang with.

  • 2021-01-05 at 11:57 am

    This election and the sitting President have brought out the worst and the best in people. I am an Independent because both parties are an embarrassment .
    Is there any way our elected officials at ALL levels can put their big girl/boy panties on, put their personal and party agendas aside and do what’s best for the PEOPLE!!
    There are good programs and ideas on both sides of the aisle…MAKE THEM BIPARTISAN AND MAKE THEM WORK for the people and the country.
    I’m sorry that our President is such a narcissistic and classless delusional bully. The fact that he was elected speaks to the frustration that abounded. But THAT certainly bit us in the arse!
    Now we have an opportunity to fix it. He DID NOT WIN, no collusion no aliens interfering. We learned a lesson.
    Biden may not be the best but at least admit he knows the “game” (and it is just that, playing the better game) has formed alliances on both sides over many years, and hopefully he can get the right things done whether a Democratic idea or a Republican one, or a combo of both, whichever is the best and hopefully, correct (don’t want to use term “right”) one FOR THE COUNTRY AND PEOPLE.
    Masks are not a political statement, ALL lives matter and yes, we need police forces, but let’s clean them up, don’t defund them. Someone needs to answer and respond when you call 911!
    Here’s hoping we get the vaccines out there, I’m in line; that civility returns, (and let’s leave some things alone…all this renaming and tearing down does not erase what transpired. Let’s just not repeat our mistakes, learn from them, stop the ridiculous self-righteous fake indignation and move forward.)

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