2 More Electric School Buses Coming to Loudoun Fleet

The school division is adding two more electric buses to its fleet, bringing the total to five this year. 

The buses are being acquired through a Dominion Energy program designed to help localities replace conventional diesel buses with electric vehicles. 

The average cost for fuel and maintenance of a diesel school bus in Loudoun is $12,192 per year, compared to $4,877 for an EV bus, according to a staff report. Under the agreement with Dominion Energy, the utility will pay the cost differential between a $130,880 electric bus and a conventional diesel bus. 

One thought on “2 More Electric School Buses Coming to Loudoun Fleet

  • 2021-02-12 at 4:35 pm

    The maintenance costs in the article are not correct and very low. Electric busses need a lot of attention to keep them running.


    Most busses do NOT have the battery capacity to run appropriate heat in the winter. Drivers will have to sacrifice turning on the heat so that they can finish their runs on the current charge.

    Electric busses look good on paper, but are not very practical.

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