Jury Finds Welsh Guilty of Aldie Double Murder

A 12-person jury on Tuesday convicted 41-year-old Brian Kuang-Ming Welsh on two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of using a firearm in the commission of a felony.

According to testimony during the month-long trial, Welsh shot and killed Mala Manwani and her adult son, Rishi Manwani on Jan. 29, 2018. The two were found dead in their Aldie home on Jan. 31 that year with a combined dozen gunshots wounds through their heads. According to witness testimony, Welsh had visited with Rishi the morning of the killings and possessed a gun that forensics experts later matched with the shell casings found at the crime scene.

During sentencing Tuesday afternoon, Welsh’s friends and family described him as being kind, loving, calm, gentle, affectionate and compassionate. Welsh’s former coworker said he “always made people laugh” and that she felt “he could never have done these heinous acts.”

Welsh’s best friend said Welsh “was a lover, not a fighter.”

Jury members were expected to return to the courtroom around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday for Circuit Court Judge James P. Fisher to instruct them on sentencing.

The first-degree murder charges carry sentences of 20 years to life in prison.


One thought on “Jury Finds Welsh Guilty of Aldie Double Murder

  • 2021-02-16 at 4:36 pm

    I hope other, relevant factors are considered in the sentence. This was a drug-related crime. The two murder victims were shot in the head a total of 11 times! This was a gruesome act of violence related to the sale of drugs. “Kind, loving, calm, gentle, affectionate and compassionate” boys do not shoot two people in the head 11 times. That ought to be considered during sentencing.

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