Loudoun Budget Hearings Open with Calls for Housing Money

The first public hearings on Loudoun’s Fiscal Year 2022 budget opened with calls from various sectors to put dedicated funding into tackling the county’s housing cost problem.

Isabel Landaverde, speaking through an interpreter from New Virginia majority, told supervisors Tuesday afternoon about her own struggles moving to Loudoun as a single mother of two.

“I started to work but I always wanted to be around because I didn’t want to leave my kids alone,” Landaverde said. “Because of that, I only got one job, but of course, that wasn’t enough to cover our expenses. After one year we had to look for a room in a house with another family we didn’t know. This lifestyle is complicated, there are a lot of restrictions that come with living in a house that’s not yours, and even more so for the kids.”

Now living with her partner and three kids, she said they still struggle to make ends meet, with a two-bedroom apartment and sharing one car.

“It would be good if we received some type of assistance from the county in the realm of housing, for more affordable housing so that families wouldn’t need to spend so much time apart, working overtime to be able to afford their expenses,” Landaverde said. “I dream to always be able to give my kids what they deserve, and I think quality time is a key part of that.”

She called on supervisors to establish a dedicated revenue stream for the Housing Trust Fund, which the county uses to help finance affordable housing projects.

It was a call echoed moments later by Grafton DeButts, vice president of Membership & Government Affairs at the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce.

“Housing Loudoun’s workforce remains a critical need which continues to receive no dedicated funding in the budget outside of the sale of aging ADUs [Affordable Dwelling Units],” DeButts said.“Significant, sustainable and dedicated funding that is indexed to the growth of the county will be crucial to ensure that Loudoun is able to begin providing a true continuum of housing.”

The Chamber also supported the proposed increase in contributions to human services nonprofits, which are seeing higher-than ever demand amid the pandemic at the same time that fundraising becomes more difficult than ever.

But he also urged against a proposal to allow Loudoun County employees to organize for collective bargaining.

“The cost and distraction of pursuing collective bargaining is clearly not in the taxpayers’ best interests, and we ask that you oppose this expense,” DeButts said.

Another budget public hearing is scheduled for 7 p.m. tonight. The board also is scheduled to hear input Saturday, Feb. 27 at 9 a.m.

Supervisors will begin their annual work on the county’s $3.3 billion budget March 1.

7 thoughts on “Loudoun Budget Hearings Open with Calls for Housing Money

  • 2021-02-23 at 7:42 pm

    Instead of another giveaway program how about considering requiring the next high density housing request be for studios and one bedrooms instead of the 3 bedroom condos and 4 bedroom houses so folks in this situation can afford to live in Loudoun without requiring other tax payers to subsidize their lifestyle choice? 🙂

    • 2021-02-24 at 11:03 am

      They literally had numerous illegal aliens (who admitted during their comments they couldn’t get a SSN but had to use a tax ID number) demanding “revenue streams” to pay for subsidized housing for them. They claimed it was “just too expensive” for illegals to live in Loudoun and they really wanted their numerous kids to be able to go to our luxurious schools but didn’t want to rent out a room for extra income because it wouldn’t be “safe”. And that they didn’t get to spend as much time with their family without these subsidies thereby preventing them from their right to the “American Dream”.

      I kid you not. ICE should be deporting these folks. But instead, the BOS may take EVERY citizen to pay for subsidies for these illegals who cannot find sufficient jobs to pay their expenses in LoCo. Heck, the BOS may just set up a “Illegal Freeloader Program” where they pluck Central Americans by the 1000s and give them all-expenses-paid (by LoCo taxpayer citizens including those who lost their jobs and businesses) homes in our county.

      The fact that illegals have the audacity to demand citizens give them ever-increasing handouts while their kids burden our schools just shows how radically Marxist our BOS has become.

  • 2021-02-23 at 8:12 pm

    Why aren’t “budget hearings” filled with calls to reduce the tax burden on Loudoun taxpayers?

    You know… the folks who pay the never-gonna-stop-increasing tax bills.

    • 2021-02-24 at 10:58 am

      Excellent question. I was the only one calling for lowering the budget/tax rate at the hearing last night. They have plenty of spots to speak and I invite all the readers to come speak on Saturday morning at 9am. (Note: Ram V came to ask for withholding LCPS funds until they returned to in-person instruction.)

      Here’s a summary of just the datacenter revenue windfall the past few years:

      FY2020: +$60M from datacenter
      FY2021: +$80M (over and above FY2020 so the revs are now +$140M/year since 2019)
      FY2022: a whopping +$190M (over and above FY2020 and FY2021 -> +$330M/year since 2019)

      Yet despite this astronomical sum, the BOS is planning to RAISE the tax rate!! Here’s how the budget works.

      1. Timmy “spend it as fast as I can” Hemstreet projects how much more revenues will come in and what the “equalized” real estate tax rate would be (why are we using this fake “equalized” rate when we should be using a “constant tax revenue” rate that would signify no new spending?). He communicates this massive revenue increase to the county departments and LCPS so they can …. ignore their policy of minimizing the tax burden and plan massive spending increases in every area.

      2. LCPS then creates a budget planning to spend ALL of that new tax revenue. In this case, it was $125M or so. Since LCPS has no real needs with a planned 0% enrollment increase, LCPS and the county just assign the massive windfall to employee raises. Then, LCPS complains they are not “fully funded” if they don’t get this budget extortion from the BOS even though it was purely fake to begin with.

      3. The BOS fails to tell the public that they are showering the massive datacenter ($190M) windfall of their bureaucrats via raises and plans even MORE spending to grow their empire. No tax refunds (the $125M LCPS extortion could fund a tax rate cut of 12 cents or an average of $700 refund to every household) and no single-use projects (one-time road investment) are given. Just constant, unyielding, massive annual spending increases in the operating budget.

      The most egregious part is that our local newspapers refuse to print this stuff. Even if they are too ignorant to understand the budget process I just described, they need only summarize my comments in front of the BOS. Yet they somehow fail to EVER print what critics of tax-and-spend policies say at these meetings. Without fiscally conservative citizens speaking out, it will never get printed.

  • 2021-02-24 at 12:16 pm

    Why in the world would I want to pay for someone else to own a home. Next you will tell me we need to pay for broadband for people who choose to live away from the cities. I know let us tear down another monument and chop it into small pieces so we can use it to fund raise for a monument for Randall. Reduce taxes to .99 per hundred.

  • 2021-02-24 at 1:19 pm

    So the non-english speaking person with two kids has a problem with housing costs. Why then did she come to Loudoun? Is she in the country legally? How long has she been here? Is she making any attempt to learn english? I really don’t want to pay any more taxes for illegals.

  • 2021-02-24 at 1:26 pm

    Good point Ace.
    The problem is our elected officials think it is THEIR money to spend.

    We need to hold them accountable and we are not. They spend taxpayer money like drunk sailors (no disrespect sailors) !

    They should all resign. We would be far better off.

    Loudoun needs leadership and fiscal discipline.

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