Goose Creek Film Awarded Grand Prize

A locally produced video about Goose Creek took the grand prize as this month’sVirginia Environmental Film Festival.

Commissioned by theGoose Creek Association, the video “Goose Creek” (also called “Life’s Blood”) was produced by the Lincoln Studios in Paris. The partners are Sarah Huntington, producer and award-winning portrait photographer; Peter Buck, director and videographer, and Drew Babb, writer and adjunct professor at Shenandoah University.

The video features interviews with area residents and environmentalists Nina Fout, Mike Morency, Richard T. Gillespie and Goose Creek Association board members. Two widely known pieces of music add dimension: “Riverside” by Agnes Obel and “Take Me to The River” covered by Eva Cassidy. Powerful aerial footage of the Goose Creek from the feature film “Crazy Like a Fox,” written and directed by Richard Squires, opens the film. Former CBS News correspondent Betina Gregory voices the piece.

“Most people think of the Goose Creek as a charming little waterway that snakes through the countryside. In fact, it’s a river and a State Scenic River at that. It’s an essential part of our ecosystem. It needs to be protected. We’re delighted our video has received his recognition. We salute our friends at the Lincoln Studios,” said GCA Co-chairwoman Lori Keenan McGuinness.

Viewthe film here.

The Lincoln Studios team: Sarah Huntington, Peter Buck, and Drew Babb.

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  • 2021-02-27 at 9:13 am

    Don’t forget to include the data centers! Also the defunct development that cleared land but never happened.

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