Loudoun Vaccination Rate Leads Region

Loudoun County passed other Northern Virginia jurisdictions over the weekend in the rate of COVID-19 vaccinations, reporting that 14,405 residents per 100,000 population have received at least one shot.

That vaccination rate is slightly higher than Fairfax County, 14,076; and exceeds Arlington (13,305), Prince William (11,766) and the City of Alexandria (13,771), according to the state Department of Health. Loudoun County has administered more than 83,000 doses through government-run vaccination sites. Overall, nearly 90,000 doses have been administered to Loudoun residents. 

The number of fully vaccinated county residents—now more than 30,000—was boosted over the weekend as the first 1,500 doses of the one-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine were added to the local supply.

Loudoun County will use the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the county’s vaccination site at the Dulles Town Center mall, and it will not be redistributed to area pharmacies. People will not be able to choose which type of vaccine they prefer to receive at the time of vaccination. 

“The Health Department does not recommend one brand of vaccine over another,” Loudoun Health Department Director Dr. Goodfriend stated. “Ultimately, the best vaccine for you will be the one that is available to you first; each vaccine has been proven to protect against serious illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19.”

All three types of vaccines have similar side effects, such as soreness at the injection site, fatigue and muscle aches. Protection from the vaccines begins about two weeks after receiving the vaccination. Learn more about all of the approved COVID-19 vaccines on the FDA’s website

Loudoun County continues to work to vaccinate people who are on the waitlist in the order in which pre-registrations were received and in accordance with the mandated priorities established by the Virginia Department of Health.

Those who have not already signed up to receive a COVID-19 vaccine may do so at loudoun.gov/covid19vaccine

3 thoughts on “Loudoun Vaccination Rate Leads Region

  • 2021-03-08 at 11:24 am

    I can’t tell if the omission of Clarke and Fauquier is simply an omission or something else.

    Surely a news outlet wouldn’t write something for the sole purpose of providing air cover to the “leadership” of Loudoun County, would they?

    For the record:

    Loudoun country trails our neighbors to the South and West.
    As of today 08MAR ,Fauquier is at 18,160 (1st dose per 100K residents) and Clarke is at 20,337.
    Both rates vastly exceed Loudoun’s.

    One has to ask why the data being reported fully ignores the more important “fully vaccinated” rate.
    Where Loudoun continues to trail Fairfax, Alexandra, Fauquier, Clarke and dozens of other reporting jurisdictions in the Commonwealth.

  • 2021-03-08 at 5:17 pm

    Sometimes I learn more about an event reading the comments than I did reading the entire article.

    It is very clear that Loudoun is lagging in the vaccination rates.

    The article should address the % of Loudouners who successfully received both shots.

  • 2021-03-09 at 12:51 am

    I received the vaccine this past Saturday. The medical reserve corps is doing an incredible job. Many of them are volunteers pitching in to help our community. A huge shout out to them all!

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