Letter: Olivia Ellen Loverro, Leesburg

Editor: You might know that not many people adopt black cats, but did you know that black cats make up 33% of the whole cat population? 

It’s true, black cats are the least likely cats to get adopted. Many people suggest it is because of the beliefs in European myths that suggest black cats bring bad luck and misfortune to people who see them because they are companions of evil witches. But the Welsh myths suggest the opposite; black cats bring good luck to the people of the homes that they are invited into and that they could be reliable weather predictors.

Most people suggest that the reason that black cats are so unpopular is because of the beliefs from the European myths. Despite all of the superstitions, black cats are actually very loveable, silent, elegant, affectionate, and playful.

Did you know that black cats are the cats that are least likely to fall ill with diseases? It’s true, black cats are said to have stronger immune systems than other cats.

So, given these reasons, if you are someone who likes cats, or is looking to adopt one, you should check out some of the black cats to help all of those poor, little, homeless kitties. They are also extremely cute cats. I have already adopted two cats and both have black on them. One of them is a black tabby and the other is a calico cat.

And I am trying to encourage you all to do the same. Thank you all for reading this advocacy letter that I made and for trying to help all of these poor, lonely, and homeless black cats.

Olivia Ellen Loverro, Leesburg