Round Hill Town Council to Continue Meeting Virtually

Following a brief discussion last Wednesday, the Town Council opted to continue meeting virtually over Zoom until Gov. Ralph Northam lifts the state of emergency and restrictive orders.

Mayor Scott Ramsey said that, while council members are missing out on in-person interactions and are forced to have “one-at-a-time” discussions over the virtual meeting platform rather than more free dialogue when meeting in the town hall, they have gotten “the hang of it.”

“I think we’re being productive,” he said.

Town Attorney Maureen Gilmore said that if any council members decide to attend meetings virtually once the council again meets in person, there will still need to be a quorum physically present to run the meetings.

Ramsey said that because council members haven’t seen each other in person in a while, and because there are a few new council members on the dais who were elected during the pandemic, the town would look to host “social mixer events.”

“We’ll try to find some opportunities,” he said.

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