Purcellville Council Plans Closed Meeting to Discuss Member Conduct

The Purcellville Town Council has announced plans to hold a special Saturday morning closed session to discuss the conduct of one or more Town Council members.

Mayor Kwasi Fraser said the council would meet to engage in a strategy session and to induce “courageous conversations” to move forward “cohesively as a body.” Fraser said the decision to meet behind closed doors was made to give councilmembers the chance to speak openly and bring up personal topics if they feel so inclined.

“I don’t want that to be in the public,” he said. “… It should be a fruitful meeting.”

Such a teambuilding session or general strategy discussion likely would not be permitted in closed session under the narrow exemptions to the commonwealth’s open meeting laws.

When contacted, Town Attorney Sally Hankins described a meeting that would be more narrowly structured. She said the purpose of the meeting “is to discuss the performance of one or more Council members as it relates to the Council’s adopted codes of conduct and the risk of liability to the Town.”

The meeting will be held at the town hall and virtually on GoToMeeting.

While the general public is prohibited from viewing the closed session, members of the public may sign into the meeting to see any comments council members make before or after the closed session. Do so by calling 872-240-3212 and using the access code 554-378-541 or by logging into GoToMeeting and using that same access code.

Read the full meeting agenda here.

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