Round Hill Council Denies Request for Night Work on Trail, Street Projects

Crews working on Round Hill’s street and trail projects will have to work more during the day and evening before they get the chance to work the night shift.

Highway Safety Services is handling the $7 million Main Street Enhancement and Franklin Park Trail projects, which are connecting the town with Franklin Park about 1.5 miles away and improving pedestrian safety along Main Street. Since the project began last summer, crews have installed the water main insertion valve, relocated the water main on East Loudoun Street and begun clearing and grubbing.

Recently, Highway Safety Services requested the Town Council approve a plan to perform night work through the town, but the council Wednesday night denied that request.

According to Round Hill Project Specialist Rob Lohr, the town has already approved crews to work extended hours, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays, and has approved weekend work. Lohr told council members this week the company wants to work through the overnight hours as well.

“That is a whole different issue and it opens up Pandora’s box,” he said, noting that the town would inevitably receive numerous resident and business complaints if that work was approved.

Lohr said the crews aren’t working as much as they could during the approved extended daytime hours.

“The contractor needs to take advantage of these longer hours, not just automatically roll to nighttime work,” he said.

Mayor Scott Ramsey agreed.

“If they’re not even taking advantage of the evening hours then I’m not sure I want to have them out there at night,” he said, adding that he would sooner approve a full daytime road closure than night work.

Vice Mayor Mary Anne Graham said she was “emphatically against any nighttime work.”

“They need to reorganize their teams and be more efficient,” she said.

Other Town Council members agreed with those statements.

Lohr said Highway Safety Services is just now considering bringing in more crews to accelerate the project timeline.

“There are ways to actually take advantage with efficiency and bring more crews in,” he said.

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