Siker Targets LaRock as ‘Divisive,’ ‘Ineffective’

Democrat Paul Siker formally kicked off his campaign to unseat four-term Republican Dave LaRock in the 33rd House District during a March 27 video conference and with the support of Attorney General Mark Herring. 

Siker said he initially considered a run for the Board of Supervisors during the previous election cycle, but decided the timing wasn’t right at that time. Now, he said he feels an obligation to run for state delegate, describing LaRock as “extreme, divisive and woefully ineffective.”

“People are dealing with real hardship as a result of a recessionary economy fueled by a global pandemic,” Siker said. “Because people in our district are hurting, I could no longer stand by while our current representative promotes disinformation and actively attacks core values a majority of Americans hold dear to their hearts.”

Herring also was critical of LaRock’s performance, highlighting the Republican’s support and promotion of the political rally that resulted in the riot at the U.S. Capitol, undermining confidence in the COVID-19 response and vaccines, and working to sow mistrust in the commonwealth’s elections and pressing to decertify the latest results—actions he termed “disqualifiers.”

“I haven’t thought the district has been represented well for a couple of years,” Herring said.

Siker said he plans to focus on building community coalitions to tackle issues including the boosting the rural economy, improving transportation, and addressing the lack of broadband connectivity.

“I promise to be an elected official you can trust to deliver on long overdue promises,” Siker said.

The Waterford resident operates a national executive search and talent acquisition firm and said LaRock’s lack of performance in the legislature wouldn’t fly in the corporate world.

“Our current delegate has been exceptionally ineffective. No company would ever accommodate this lack of performance and neither should we,” Siker said.

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One thought on “Siker Targets LaRock as ‘Divisive,’ ‘Ineffective’

  • 2021-04-23 at 2:20 pm

    What an absolute garbage candidate! This guy offers no good reasons on why he should be elected. The people of the 33rd district do not want you!

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