Construction Begins on Leesburg Bypass Congestion Relief Project

Toll Road Investors Partnership LP II, owner of the Dulles Greenway, and Shirley Contracting Company this week will begin construction of a Leesburg Bypass improvement project aimed at removing a frequent commuter choke point. 

The project involves a reconfiguration of the exit ramp from the westbound bypass to northbound South King Street and will add a continuous third westbound lane on the bypass between the Greenway and the South King Street interchange. The construction is expected to be complete in May 2022.

“With construction beginning on the Leesburg Bypass project, we are eager to alleviate congestion for our commuters,” stated TRIP II CEO Renée N. Hamilton. “We will work alongside Shirley Contracting LLC to provide as many updates on the process and timeline as possible to ensure smooth navigation for everyone during the construction period.”

For more information regarding construction and updates call 703-707-8870 or go to

One thought on “Construction Begins on Leesburg Bypass Congestion Relief Project

  • 2021-04-15 at 10:08 am

    I dont really get how 100 feet of extra lane, that no one uses, is going to help anything. Everyone is still going to merge as soon as possible and the backups are still going to be there.

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