Pio Announces 32nd District Run

Sterling resident Scott Pio said frustration with the General Assembly is what prompted his decision to throw his hat in the ring for a seat at the table in Richmond.

Pio has qualified for the ballot and is the Republican nominee challenging Del. David Reid (D) for the 32nd District House of Delegates seat. Reid has held the seat since 2017, and was unchallenged in his 2019 re-election bid.

Pio says he was approached by members of the Loudoun County Republican Committee to encourage him to run for the seat.

“They didn’t want to see another two years go by without someone going against the incumbent,” he said.

Pio said he has been frustrated by some of the reforms that have come out of the Democratic-majority House, including legislation that extends protection to transgender individuals. He said he met Reid one time, and was alarmed that he did not have any positions on some of these gender policies.

“It’s really frustrating to see the rubber stamps and not taking a personal opinion on it,” he said of his opponent.

Even before his campaign announcement, Pio had acquired attention with his vocal shows of support for President Donald Trump. Pio organized rallies in response to protestors outside of Sterling’s Trump National Golf Club, and also participated in the Trump Train on the Capital Beltway ahead of November’s election.

At the golf course, he said he organized Trump supporters to show up when the president was at the golf course on weekends. He said it was his effort to show respect to the president, and a response to the negativity of opposing protestors.

“What the Democrats were doing on the side when Trump was there was not in any way, shape and form respectful to me. I was really frustrated by that,” he said. On the other hand, by seeing expressions of support from Pio and others, “I think Trump left there every weekend with a smile on his face.”

Pio said he spent several weeks working on his campaign manifesto, which lays out his positions on everything from faith and freedom, to schools and education, and finance. Within it, he expresses his support for opening schools and places of worship, removing tolls from the Dulles Greenway and other highways, and providing immigrants a path to citizenship. He said he formed much of his platform in conversations with friends, neighbors, colleagues and would-be constituents.

He said his plan if elected is to have a conversation with each member of the House of Delegates to find areas where they can work together.

“In that we can try to come to some sort of opinion on where we can move forward on a piece of legislation,” he explained. “I don’t believe in party lines. While party lines are good, party lines can help move agendas forward, I’m a person that wants to see the entire commonwealth move forward. The only way to do that is to talk to everybody and not stay inside parties.”

A Florida native and married father of two daughters, Pio and his family have lived in the 32nd District for two years. Professionally, he works in the technology field for a Reston-based company. He has been in Northern Virginia for 12 years, and previously worked for Northrop Grumman in the defense field. He was raised by his mother, and credits her for working multiple jobs to put him through school.

Looking towards November, Pio is hopeful that he can use his popularity in the community to move the state forward and make a difference.

“I did do a lot in the district in the last two years that has turned me into a small celebrity. While I appreciate the fame it doesn’t get the job done in moving the Commonwealth of Virginia forward. I’m looking to fix things and stop the over-encroaching radicalization of government,” he said.

More information on Pio and his platform can be found at scottpio.com


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  • 2021-04-18 at 7:03 pm

    Look, look, hear a man that answers questions instead of hiding behind Boysko’s skirts.

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