Round Hill Council Enacts Mandatory Water Restrictions

The Round Hill Town Council on Wednesday night voted to impose mandatory water restrictions that will remain in effect for several weeks.

The town’s water customers—most of whom live outside the town limits—will be prohibited from watering lawns, washing cars and filling pools while repairs are made to the Goose Creek Water Treatment Plant. Town Administrator Melissa Hynes said that work should take three to four weeks. Any customer found conducting any of the prohibited activities will be subject to an up-to $500 fine.

According to a town statement, the plant’s filter system failed, which caused several line failures. The plant, which includes two wells, must be taken offline while the utility staff replaces the filter and conducts valve repairs.

The town’s water system includes 11 wells that typically run 10 hours each day. With the Goose Creek Water Treatment Plant and accompanying wells offline, the town’s nine other wells are running 20 to 24 hours a day to meet customer demand.

“These wells are being pushed beyond their normal run times which leaves our service area vulnerable to additional system failures,” a town statement reads. “… The Town Water System cannot survive an additional well failure. Please do your part to conserve water and try to remind your friends/neighbors to follow your lead.”

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