Council Awards Contract on Ida Lee Park Tennis Air Structure

Tennis enthusiasts will soon have another year-round venue to enjoy some friendly competition.

The Leesburg Town Council recently awarded a construction contract in the amount of $1.5 million for a permanent air structure facility over three existing outdoor tennis courts at Ida Lee Park. Originally planned to be a seasonal air structure, those plans changed over the years to instead create a permanent, year-round facility to house Ida Lee’s extremely popular tennis program.

A staff report notes the impressive indoor court utilization rate of 99.5%, since Ida Lee debuted its indoor tennis center in the fall of 2007. A permanent facility is also expected to have a longer lifespan than a seasonal air structure—approximately seven to 13 additional years—and is more energy efficient due to the addition of insulation. Tennis players who still prefer a game in the open air will still be served by four remaining outdoor courts at Ida Lee.

The new air structure will be done by the same company that installed its 2007 predecessor, Yeardon Domes. It’s coming with a bit of a higher price tag than the town’s capital projects staff initially envisioned, owing to the rising construction costs in Northern Virginia, and required the council to appropriate almost $400,000 more than initially budgeted. However, the additional funding will be covered by the use of proffers.

In presenting the project during the council’s recent budget deliberations, staff noted that the town should expect a quick return on its investment. The annual net revenue estimate for the project remains at $220,000, a staff report noted. Site construction is scheduled to begin this summer, with the structure expected to open in February 2022. 

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