Virginia GOP Begins Count in Convention Voting

After a day of voting at 39 location across the commonwealth Saturday, the Republican Party of Virginia is working to tally the votes that will determine the nominees for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

In its unassembled convention, the party is hand counting paper ballots using a ranked-choice voting system that is expected to take several days. Delegates were asked to rank each of the 17 candidates in order of preference. If no candidate wins a majority of votes on the first ballot, the last place candidate in the race will be eliminated and the second-place choices on those ballot will be added to the tally. That process will continue until a candidate achieves a majority.

Locally, drive through voting took place at the GOP’s 10th District headquarters in Ashburn, where delegates from Loudoun, Clarke and Frederick counties and the City of Winchester cast their ballots. Loudoun County Republicans have 514 delegate votes in the contest.

Only about half of the 53,000 registered delegates cast ballots on Saturday. 

The counting of ballots began Sunday in Richmond.

The attorney general’s race was tallied first, with Del. Jason Miyares (R-82), of Virginia Beach, securing the nomination after three rounds of counting. In the end, he received 52% of the vote, outpacing C.L. “Chuck” Smith Jr., who got 48%. The majority of Loudoun delegates favored Smith, with the vote going 760 for Smith and 287 for Miyares in the first round, and 973 to 455 in the final round.

In the fourth round of counting in the governor’s race on Monday, Glen Youngkin (35.4%) held a lead over Pete Snyder (27.9%) and Amanda Chase (22.3%). Next, former House Speaker Kirk Cox will be eliminated and the second choice votes from his ballots will be allocated to the three remaining candidates. If no candidate secures 50% of the overall vote following that count, the lowest vote-getter among the three remaining candidates will be eliminated next.

Loudoun’s delegates delivered 520 unweighted votes for Youngkin, 519 for Snyder and 179 for Chase in the first round.

Former Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio greets delegates at the drive through Republican Convention in Ashburn on May 8.

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    Huge success, that was text book How to run a Drive Through Convention!

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