Youngkin Wins GOP Nomination for Governor

Update: Glenn Youngkin has secured the Republican nomination for governor.

Following the sixth round of counting in the party’s unassembled convention, Youngkin secured 55.4% of the vote. Pete Snyder was second with 44.6%.

“I am prepared to lead, excited to serve and profoundly humbled by the trust the people have placed in me. Virginians have made it clear that they are ready for a political outsider with proven business experience to bring real change in Richmond,” Youngkin said in a statement.

Following the fifth round of vote counts, the race for the Republican nomination for governor is down to Glenn Youngkin and Pete Snyder.

After the ballots held by fourth-place Kirk Cox were redistributed under the rank choice voting system, Youngkin held the lead with 5,083.75 votes. Snyder continued to hold second place with 4.075.42 votes.

Amanda Chase continued in third place. But she will now be eliminated and her 3,395 ballots will be redistributed to Youngkin and Snyder. Whichever candidate achieves 50% of the vote, about 6,300 votes, will win the nomination.

By Monday evening, after four rounds of GOP convention vote counting at the Richmond Marriot, three candidates remained in the race for the gubernatorial nomination.

The votes were cast Saturday in an unassembled convention that featured voting at 39 polling places around the state.

Glenn Youngkin has maintained a lead as votes were counted throughout the day. After four rounds of rank-choice voting, he held 35.4% of the total vote, ahead of Pete Snyder (27.9%) and Amanda Chase (22.3%).

Already, Octavia L. Johnson, Sergio de la Pena and Peter Doran have been eliminated and their votes redistributed to the next ranked candidates on the ballots on which they were selected.

Next, former House Speaker Kirk Cox will be eliminated and the next-choice votes from his ballots will be allocated to the three remaining candidates. Cox has served in the House of Delegate for 30 years and is not seeking re-election to his seat.

The candidates need about 6,300 weighted votes to secure the nomination with 50% of the vote. 

Round four ended with Youngkin holding 4440.84 votes, Snyder with 3,503.7 and Chase with 2,800.36. Cox’s elimination will redistribute 1,809.08 votes among those three.

If no candidate secures 50% of the overall vote following that count, the lowest vote-getter among the three remaining candidates will be eliminated next.

Loudoun’s delegates delivered 520 unweighted votes for Youngkin, 519 for Snyder and 179 for Chase in the first round.

The attorney general’s race was tallied Sunday, with Del. Jason Miyares (R-82), of Virginia Beach, securing the nomination after three rounds of counting. In the end, he received 52% of the vote, outpacing C.L. “Chuck” Smith Jr., who got 48%. The majority of Loudoun delegates favored Smith, with the vote going 760 for Smith and 287 for Miyares in the first round, and 973 to 455 in the final round.

On Tuesday morning, Winsome Sears, a former delegate from Winchester, secured the nomination for lieutenant governor. She achieved 55% of the vote in the fourth round of counting. Glenn Davis was second, with 33%. Loudoun’s convention delegates strongly backed Sears, with 589 first-round votes going her way.

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