After Objections, School Division Puts 2 Books Under Review

After a series of speakers during the May 11 School Board meeting read aloud racy passages in two books available in Loudoun high school classes, administrators have opened a formal review.

Following the meeting, the division pointed critics to the policy that permits parents and community members to request a “reconsideration of instructional materials.” 

On Tuesday, it announced, “a division level review of the optional high school-level books, ‘Monday’s Not Coming’ and ‘#MurderTrending,’ has been initiated. The reviewing committee will make a recommendation to the superintendent when the process is complete.”

Under the division’s policy, the superintendent appoints a division review committee, with at least three instructional staff members and two school-based employees at the level of the request, and two parents to review the material and make a recommendation to the superintendent, who will report the panel’s recommendation and his decision to those who filed complaints within 30 days. The decision may be appealed to the entire School Board within 15 days.

One thought on “After Objections, School Division Puts 2 Books Under Review

  • 2021-05-22 at 6:24 am

    We don’t need a review committee. We need COMMON SENSE.

    This is pornographic material and it should be expelled from the Loudoun County.

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