Loudoun Chamber Policy Positions Focus on Economic Recovery, Workforce, Housing

The Loudoun Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, Nov. 10 released its 2022 Public Policy Agenda, containing a series of proposals to address Loudoun’s workforce shortages, housing affordability crisis and other challenges related to the County’s post-COVID recovery.

The chamber’s legislative and policy agenda details the organization’s official positions on a variety of economic and quality of life issues that impact the business climate and quality of life in Loudoun and across the Commonwealth. Among the issues prioritized by the chamber are Loudoun’s growing workforce challenges, which are worsened by the county’s housing affordability crisis.

The chamber also sharpened its support for anti-union laws, which it called vital to maintaining Virginia’s status as the “Best State for Business” as named by CNBC, and for increased investments in economic development to support the Commonwealth’s continued recovery from the COVID pandemic.

 “As Loudoun and Virginia rebound from the impacts of COVID-19, our recovery requires thoughtful public policies that encourage innovation, secure infrastructure investment, and provide our workforce the skills to meet the needs of our new economy,” stated chamber Vice President of Government Affairs Grafton deButts. “The 2022 Loudoun Chamber Policy Positions will provide our business community with the vision and direction to meet this challenge head on.”

Each year members of the Loudoun Chamber’s Public Policy Committee review and update the organization’s policy positions, aiming to effectively advocate for the current and future needs of the regional business community. The full 2022 document is online at loudounchamber.org/public-policy.

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