School Division Plans to Reopen as Scheduled on Jan. 3

As COVID-19 cases in the county surge over Winter Break, Loudoun County Public Schools plan to reopen as scheduled, on Jan. 3, division spokesman Wayde Byard confirmed today.

“We will have an announcement detailing what we are doing before our return to school,” Byard said in an email.

Urgent care clinics and the county government’s twice-weekly testing program have been overwhelmed with the demand for testing. On Dec. 24, the Department of Health reported Loudoun’s highest single-day case count of the pandemic, logging 605 new cases. The county’s free drive-through testing site at Philip A. Bolen Memorial Park reached its 2,000-test capacity within an hour of opening yesterday, with drivers waiting in their cars for as long as six hours to get swabbed. An organizer of the testing event said the turnout reminded him of the demand for testing at the start of the pandemic, and that at one point there were 1,000 cars waiting in line. Another testing event will be held at the park on Thursday.

The increase in cases, attributed to the highly transmissible Omicron variant, has elicited questions from families about the return to school, which looms next week. 

The surge has prompted neighboring Fairfax County Public Schools to offer free testing to families before the return to classrooms. That school division also stated in an email to families that school would continue as scheduled.

Gov. Ralph Northam ordered that all school divisions provide full-time, in-person instruction this school year. School divisions have been quarantining individuals and classes as needed.

2 thoughts on “School Division Plans to Reopen as Scheduled on Jan. 3

  • 2021-12-29 at 7:19 pm

    I fervently pray LCPS never has to go back to distance learning again. That was a nightmare for so many families in 2020-21. I still have visions of mothers openly crying & their children begging the school board for in-person learning. Many students simply cannot learn behind a Chromebook all day. I totally understand. Well, let’s keep optimistic. Happy New Year Loudoun!

  • 2021-12-30 at 9:40 am

    New years eve is a good time to consider how to improve our lives. My wish is that the medical/scientific/political community FULLY DISCLOSE the intended purpose behind using the nuclei acid amplification test and even now sponsoring the deployment of a home test which amplifies virus components (even if it is dead Covid DNA) one billion times. Imagine if we amplified every aspect of our nasal cavity, throat and what we exhale to a level one billion times its natural state? What bacteria and other forms of disease causing molecules would we find? Perhaps our tax dollars would be better spent studying how to test each person’s immune system with suggestions on how “IT” can be improved to stave off infections general life does not allow us to avoid. If Covid becomes pervasive yet mild for most and deadly for some isn’t it most important to help those who would die from it to not die? Enough with the fear mongering – let’s be productive especially in the education field which should use the scientific method to solve problems not hang onto partisan based signaling tactics to maintain power. 🙂

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