County Testing Site Again Slammed; Positivity Rate Exceeds 30%

The county’s free drive-through COVID-19 testing site at Philip A. Bolen Memorial Park was once again inundated with cars full of people waiting for hours to be swabbed today.

By the end of today’s testing, county officials reported that 905 tests had been administered.

Some families took the opportunity to be tested before children return to schools tomorrow, after winter break and two consecutive snow days.

As the Omicron variant spreads across the country, transmission levels continue to climb locally. There has been an average of 776 new cases reported daily over the past week, and the testing positivity rate has reached 32%. One month ago, there were an average of about 90 new cases daily and the positivity rate was about 6%.

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7 thoughts on “County Testing Site Again Slammed; Positivity Rate Exceeds 30%

  • 2022-01-04 at 3:18 pm

    All of us are aware of omicron. But we cannot become obsessed. We still have to live our lives. If folks want to be tested, let them do so to their heart’s content. But becoming preoccupied with testing is counterproductive. Actually, it can increase one’s fear & paranoia. Take reasonable precautions. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Do your best. Then, the heck with it. Happy New Year Loudoun!

  • 2022-01-04 at 3:42 pm

    It would be refreshing if the “experts” would just admit what any reasonable person has known all a long: Everybody is going to contract this virus, or it’s mutations, or a combo of all of the above. It was always going to be this way, no matter what any politician, “expert”, or your incredibly gullible friends and family said. We’ve been lied to the entire time.

    Cease the hype, propaganda, theater, false prophecies, threats, social dislocation, and most of all, the assault on our children’s physical and mental well being. What we’re permitting government to inflict on our children will be with us for a generation.

    Defend the old and the ill, and the rest of us move on. We get one life — don’t spend it hiding under the bed because some old man says so. What’s happening now is unsustainable.

  • 2022-01-04 at 4:09 pm

    I got tested last Tuesday. They failed to transcribe my birthday and email into their system. They also failed to correctly transcribe my street address. I called on Sunday and asked for a call back. Of course, they called me 3 hours later while I was standing trying to complete my self-checkout at the grocery store. How convenient. My test was negative. Good luck getting your results. I continue to maintain government does nothing well.

  • 2022-01-04 at 4:20 pm

    Is the “positivity rate” is a meaningful metric anymore?

  • 2022-01-04 at 8:14 pm

    An omicron infection should give you a robust immunity that in a fair world would satisfy any requirement for a COVID vaccine shot. Its mild effects may actually be worth contracting it, although fatigue may linger. It’s certainly preferable than the original COVID-19!
    I wonder how accurate the current testing is. The previous PCR test is invalid as of Dec. 31, 2021 due to its ability to pick up the flu. It also had a high false positive result depending on the cycle threshold used.

  • 2022-01-04 at 10:31 pm

    After getting overrun with demand for testing at very event and turning away thousands of people from the test center two years into the pandemic, one must conclude that:
    * Loudoun is totally incompetent
    * Loudoun doesn’t think testing is important enough to do daily or for more that 45 minutes at a time

    After all, Biden and the Democrats have a plan but they won’t share it. You’d think the plan would include closing the southern border or at least testing the invaders the way we test businessmen arriving at Dulles. But again, you would be wrong. They can’t even plow snow on I-95. Weak , woke “ leaders” are failing us on a daily basis.

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