Letter: Ted and Vivian Lewis, Leesburg

Editor: We are writing to urge the Board of Supervisors to eliminate or minimize the proposed changes to Bles Park. As we develop the eastern part of Loudoun County, the areas of wildlife and nature have shrunk considerably. One of the few remaining areas where nature and two beautiful rivers meet is Bles Park. 

Tucked behind University Center, Bles Park is a great example of blending nature and giving communities a place for recreation. The proposed changes will convert this beautiful setting to the same type of park that our neighbors in Fairfax and Arlington County have. What makes Bles Park unique is that it is not overly developed. In addition to recreation, people need space to interact and be with the natural areas that Bliss Park provides. 

If changes are made, it is extremely important we are respectful of existing habitat and minimize the impact to the wildlife and sensitive plant life that is already there. Specifically, the canoe/kayak launch needs to be located so there is no need to create a new roadway for vehicular access adjacent to wetlands. This proposed roadway and the proposed new parking lot will be extremely destructive and damaging to the wildlife habitat, the scenic views of Broad Run, and is not needed. The existing parking lot can be used without creating new roads. This will require a little more time to get to the river in your kayak/canoe but will significantly reduce the amount of disturbance that occurs. There is also no need for a boardwalk through the wetlands. Wetland areas only work if the habitat is free of human intrusion. The initial construction, and then the ongoing noise, trash and disruption caused by people going through the boardwalk will eliminate the wildlife habitat that exists there today.  

I appreciate the huge variety of parks and areas for recreation we have in Loudoun County. We are truly blessed. However, every park does not have to be developed and a copycat of all of the others. Let’s make sure we keep Bles Park the unique blend of nature and recreation that makes it so valuable to the residents of Loudoun County. 

Ted and Vivian Lewis, Leesburg

One thought on “Letter: Ted and Vivian Lewis, Leesburg

  • 2022-01-10 at 10:16 am

    A very well-written essay. Kudos to the Lewises for adding their voices to the chorus calling for Bles Park to be left alone. It really doesn’t need more “ruffles & flourishes.” Bles Park is fine just the way it is. Why not use that development money for other laudable efforts (e.g. reparations to Black Loudouners)? Happy New Year Loudoun!

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