Letter: Jonathan Erickson, Broad Run Farms Civic Association

Editor: Sad to say the Board of Supervisors led by Juli Briskman voted to add three football fields of impervious surface to Bles Park with the option to come back and pave even more for a boardwalk next to the wetlands.

Juli ran as a green candidate but has proven to be anything but—see the Regal Center, the Giant Center, Bles Park and coming soon Hidden Lane/Askergrens, 124 homes with a special exception forced on residents by same supervisors. Christopher Companies will need a rezoning, but the board seems intent on paving and disrupting any green space left in eastern Loudoun.

The meeting Tuesday night included untruths by both Briskman and Randall. These are not your friends. Beware. Destruction for a good cause? Not so much.

Jonathan Erickson, President

Broad Run Farms Civic Association

6 thoughts on “Letter: Jonathan Erickson, Broad Run Farms Civic Association

  • 2022-01-20 at 2:23 pm

    The Democrats are environmental liars. They always have been, and they always will be. Until the Green Party gets its act together, Democrats will continue to take advantage of environmentalists until they stop voting for them.

  • 2022-01-20 at 3:24 pm

    My guess is your letter will wake some people up who chose not to vote in the last local election. Politicians who don’t commit to any list of priorities can pursue pet projects and never be seriously accused of misleading anyone. What does it mean to push the label of a green candidate, or a conservative one without specific commitments? Is burying Loudoun garbage a green thing to do or not? Is wasting hundreds of millions on a school system that was closed most of the year green? Was changing road names or taking down old statues anything but partisan signaling? The current BOS still has not committed to a list of priorities which they can be judged on. The school board is about to roll over the Superintendent’s contract for another 4 years and my guess is they still have nothing in there that is actually measurable. Until and unless this community wakes up and gets out to vote in local elections the lack of quality oof representation is a given but it doesn’t apply to all the elected officials but the majority controls the agenda.

  • 2022-01-20 at 4:42 pm

    Kudos to Tuesday’s speakers who urged supervisors to leave Bles Park alone. I felt very sad when supervisors voted unanimously to move forward with much of the project. However, I stop short of demonizing Juli Briskman & Phyllis Randall. To the contrary, I admire these ladies greatly. I just don’t happen to agree with them on this issue. P.S. — I’m relieved that most of the park will remain relatively undisturbed.

    • 2022-01-31 at 2:24 am

      Juli Briskman couldn’t rub two active brain cells together to come up with a coherent thought. All she does is act as Phyllis Randall’s mouthpiece. She was hand-picked by Ms. Randall and funded by George Soros. Her claim to fame? Flipping the bird at the Presidential motorcade while working as a government contractor and then getting fired for it.

      Suzanne Volpe might have made a poor choice with her vote regarding the bridge study, but she was on top of the Hidden Lane Landfill issue and would send out regular updates. Suzanne Volpe is the one who set up the deal with Loudoun Water to run the water main through the entirety of Broad Run Farms giving those outside of the plume an opportunity to connect to it at their own expense (those inside the plume are to be connected at no cost to them). She also got the roads repaved in Broad Run Farms and then when they did a lousy job, she came in to investigate and had them fix large swaths of it.

      In short, Juli Briskman needs to go. She does not represent the Algonkian District.

  • 2022-01-20 at 5:26 pm

    Wait! Briskman ran as a green candidate? I knew nothing about her other than she was hailed for giving the finger to the President. She brought nothing else to the table.

  • 2022-01-21 at 5:29 am

    Phase 1, 300,000 square feet of manmade runoff into Broad Run and the Potomac. If you take that number and divide it by 2000 square feet you have 150. That is 150 places that are 104 feet larger than the average home in Virginia being built in this green parkland. One side of Bles Park Drive is suburban the other rural park, this build out is the equivalent of adding 150 homes to Bles Park with an option for 75 more spaces of 2000 square feet or another 150,000 square feet of run off. Same as 225 homes mind you. Juli knocked on our doors and told us how different she was when it comes to the environment compared to her opponent. Turns out she is willing to take a rural park and turn it into a suburban playground causing more erosion. This is and will remain a bad idea voted for by Chair Randall, Supervisors Briskman, Kershner, Buffington, Saines, Letourneau, Umstaddt, Glass and Turner. Next election remember these are the destroyers of the Jewell box that is known as Bles Park.

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