Youngkin Administration Establishes ‘Divisive Concept’ Tip Line

Less than two weeks since signing an executive order to end the use of Critical Race Theory in public schools, Gov. Glenn Youngkin announced a tip line for families to report incidents of “divisive concepts” taught in classrooms.

Already, one Loudoun middle school history teacher shared on social media a message that she received from a parent, in which he said that he had reported her to state authorities.

Youngkin told parents to send “reports and observations” to the email address. He said the email address is “for parents to send us any instances where they feel their fundamental rights are being violated, where their children are not being respected, where there are inherently divisive practices in their schools.”

However, it remains unclear how the administration will record and investigate the complaints. As of this week, the governor’s spokeswoman had not responded to questions about the administration’s definition of “divisive concepts,” or the tip line.

Some parents say that their children are being indoctrinated with liberal political ideology, which is infused into the school division through teacher trainings. 

The local group Parents Against Critical Theory shared the tip line with its followers. “Glenn Youngkin has opened an anonymous tip line for parents to report schools for teaching critical race theory in violation of his executive order,” it announced in an email. 

PACT founder Scott Mineo was a party in a federal suit against the school division that charged that the Racial Bias Incident Reporting System chills free speech in classrooms. A judge dismissed the suit in mid-January. 

The group Fight for Schools, in its removal effort against School Board members, claims that students are being taught controversial topics in classes that are rooted in Critical Race Theory. Fight for Schools Executive Director Ian Prior said the tip line should not be considered controversial. 

“Compare that to the professional code of conduct policy that LCPS tried to pass in 2020 that would have disciplined teachers for speaking critically against the politicization of education at LCPS, even in personal conversation outside of schools, and the criticism against Governor Youngkin is hypocritical and misplaced,” Prior said. 

Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chairwoman Lissa Savaglio said that Youngkin is outsourcing his policymaking to divisive actors.

“Turning communities against each other using this ‘tip line’ is just the first in many strategies Youngkin will use to satisfy his party’s agenda of dismantling the Commonwealth’s public education system,” Savaglio said.

School district spokesman Wayde Byard said that the school division had no comment on the tip line. 

3 thoughts on “Youngkin Administration Establishes ‘Divisive Concept’ Tip Line

  • 2022-02-01 at 3:15 pm

    Glenn Youngkin was a shady businessman. And he’s proving to be an awful governor. His words & actions sow division. It’s outrageous for him to act as if he advocates for all parents. Many, many parents disagree with his extremist views. Well, it’s the Year of the Tiger. It’s time for all Loudouners to bravely reject Youngkin’s regressive policies.

  • 2022-02-01 at 4:32 pm

    Just another GOP know it all who fails at leadership. His only goal is to move VA to the right, and the “blue crew” will fight this!! We are not going backwards.

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