Loudoun Education Foundation Lauds Progress Since $1.4 Million Computer Science Grant

The Loudoun Education Foundation secured a $1.4 million grant is bolstering computer science education in the school division, thanks to the statewide economic initiative GO Virginia.

Loudoun, which received the grant alongside Chesapeake Public Schools in 2020, matched the funds to expand the program to all students in grades K-12. The funds bolstered existing course offerings, including computer science courses, including robotic design, programming, cybersecurity, and software design. 

“School and business leaders see the K-12 Computer Science Pipeline as a key to the success of Virginia’s tech industry,” Loudoun Education Foundation Executive Director Danielle Nadler stated. “We’ve seen business leaders in the Loudoun and Chesapeake areas step up to take part in internship fairs, guest speaking opportunities, internships and externships because they truly see this as a solution to their challenge of meeting workforce demand.” 

Administrators see computer science education as a key to filling a void in the local workforce, where tech talent is in high demand. 

“Virginia has more than 30,000 unfilled computer science positions. The K-12 Computer Science Pipeline is preparing tomorrow’s tech workforce by getting students excited about problem solving and computational thinking early on,” Deputy Superintendent for Instruction Ashley Ellis said in a statement. “Our students are graduating from high school equipped and ready to continue their education at the college level if they so choose or immediately enter the workforce.”

Correction: an earlier version of this story reported that the grant was received in 2022.

One thought on “Loudoun Education Foundation Lauds Progress Since $1.4 Million Computer Science Grant

  • 2022-03-08 at 12:27 pm

    LCPS is the most over-funded school district in Virginia. Enrollment has been going down while their budget keeps going up. And now they get more “free” stuff. There are A LOT of other school districts in Virginia that actually need more resources. LCPS is not one of them.

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