Greenway Bald Eagles Hatch First Eaglet

The nesting pair of bald eagles at the Dulles Greenway Wetlands have hatched their first eaglet of the year, with another expected to hatch sometime this week. The family’s growth is being livestreamed on a nest cam.

Rosa and Martin, named by Sterling Middle School students in a contest, are a mated pair and hatched their first eaglet of the year Sunday morning. Rosa and Martin are named in honor of civil rights leaders Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. They have nested at the Dulles Greenway Wetlands south of Leesburg since 2005.

According to the National Eagle Center, bald eagles typically lay one to three eggs per year. Once the approximately 35-day incubation period is over, it can take up to two days for the hatchling to emerge. Rearing and preparing the baby eaglets to fledge then takes about 10-12 weeks. 

See a video of the eagles feeding their first eaglet here.  

The Dulles Greenway’s owners partnered with the American Eagle Foundation, the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, and livestreaming company HDOnTap to install a webcam overlooking the nest of a pair of bald eagles in September last year. The eagles returned to the nest in November.

The livestream camera is online at There are two views, and a moderated chat to comment and ask questions about the eagles.

One thought on “Greenway Bald Eagles Hatch First Eaglet

  • 2022-03-14 at 5:57 pm

    Such wonderful news. Bald Eagles are magnificent creatures. Loudoun County is very lucky to have them. I’d like to see the new eaglet be named Uke. It’s a non-derogatory nickname for Ukrainians that they often use for each other. Goodness knows Ukraine could use some morale support. Happy St. Paddy’s Day Loudoun!

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