Letter: M Kelly, Lovettsville

Editor: The letter from Jim Vogt was spot-on about the way most of us feel in the current American climate. The extremists in both political parties spend so much time with accusations, recalls and all-out attacks that they are destroying our country. It’s all about their party and getting ahead and not about the taxpayers. 

A classic example is our current Virginia attorney general going after “liberal prosecutors.” Is this what he was hired to do? Go after people because he disagrees with them? Seriously? That’s extremism. 

There are so many other things to be addressed in Virginia. The trend of attacking people as a group or bashing individuals has become the norm, especially for certain groups. If recalls are a such a good thing, maybe we should recall the attorney general and put someone in there who is there for Virginians as a whole.  

I, like Vogt am not party-driven. I vote for the best person for the job, or yes, sometimes the lesser of evils. I find evil in those who simply attack a law, or a person based on their party. “Let’s erase this law because a Dem/Repub/Trumplican/Gay/Black/Green group made it—even if it is good for the all citizens it was made by “the opposition.” That’s not what we elect officials for. You so easily forget who hired you, and I mean hired/voted for you—not who spent the most on your campaign (limiting campaign funds is a whole ‘nother topic).

Just because people disagree on one topic, we Americans usually have the same views at our core. It’s such a waste to spend so much time with the attacks. 

Stories made up by extremists become ridiculous. Dems are pro-abortion, pro pedophile and aren’t Christian. The GOP are all white supremacists. The letter posted after Mr. Vogt’s was a classic example. Mr. Virgilio is so angry about unions but as soon as I started reading where the blame was aimed it was a dead letter. My favorite part was that teachers’ unions want to have a say in what they will teach, etc. So, their background in education is erased by your personal views? No, you supplement what you think is missing or you attend meetings and put in your two cents. But Mr. Virgilio mentioned Nazi’s, leftist and liberal ideology. Take a class in where unions came from in America. Think about the factory workers who were barely paid for long shifts in horrendous conditions. 

Let’s just try to make our world better for our kids—education, the environment. Find solutions and stop the extremism blame game. Work together. It is the only way. It is not the blue way or the red way—it’s the American way.

M Kelly, Lovettsville

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  • 2022-03-25 at 11:19 am

    Commonwealth Attorney Biberaj let a man out of jail with an ankle bracelet. He promptly proceeded to beat his wife to death with a hammer. Biberaj found time to personally prosecute the father of a rape victim for trespassing at a public school board meeting. Biberaj evidently mishandled the prosecution of the rapist and allowed him to escape registering for the sex offender database. Next, Biberaj hired an employee who was a registered sex offender who had been convicted of child pornography charges. He was given access to the offices computers and files.

    Who is the extremist here?

  • 2022-03-25 at 12:34 pm

    I hope everyone in Loudoun gets a chance to read M. Kelly’s letter. My mother had a wall hanging: “Life is fragile; handle with prayer.” How true! Especially during this time of world crisis. I always view Loudoun as the Land of Love. And if people like M. Kelly proliferate, there’s nothing to worry about. Welcome to Spring Loudoun!

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