Middleburg Council Holds Special Meeting to Set Tax Rate

The Middleburg Town Council continues to wrestle with options to set the real estate tax rate, pushing a final decision to a special meeting tonight.

During their March 24 meeting, council members again reviewed a range of rate options and debated how best to balance the competing concerns of offsetting the impacts of sharply increasing property values driving up residents’ tax bills while adequately preparing for the impacts of souring inflation that could drive up town costs.

With property values increasing 12% on average in town, there was no support to keep the current 15.3-cent real estate tax rate. However, several members raised concerns about adopting the equalized rate—13.29 cents—that would hold tax bills level on average. Town Manager Danny Davis presented options that would first equalize the rate and then adjusted upward to account for some level of inflation, up to 10% at a 14.62-cent rate.

Last week’s debate centered on the high number of retirees in town living on fixed incomes and the impact tax increases approved by the county Board of Supervisors—about $180 per year for a single family detached home in town—would have. 

April 1 is the deadline for the town to report its tax rates to the county Treasurer’s Office in advance of mailing the June bills. 

One thought on “Middleburg Council Holds Special Meeting to Set Tax Rate

  • 2022-03-31 at 10:02 am

    I truly hope Middleburg will adopt a tax rate that doesn’t result in higher property taxes. As the Loudoun Now article notes, many seniors in Middleburg live on fixed incomes. It’s unconscionable to expect more money from them. Property taxes are sky-high as it is. Welcome to Spring Loudoun!

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