Letter: Terence Cooke, Middleburg

Editor: My eyes nearly popped out when I read this weeks’ Loudoun Now front page account of Tuesday’s public information session conducted by Middleburg’s mayor Bridge Littleton. 

The headline “Middleburg Mayor Pushes Expansion, 126 Homes” literally made my jaw drop. Reading a bit further, I was surprised to see “Littleton pitched separate proposals” by two property owners who contacted the Town asking that their properties be annexed into the Town’s boarders. 

Both the headline and the later suggestion that Mayor Littleton was “pushing” or “pitching” anything were highly pejorative and completely mischaracterized Tuesday’s well attended public information session. As the mayor stated repeatedly at that meeting, its sole purpose was to inform the Town’s residents of two owner-initiated proposals to bring their lands into the Town and develop them subject to Middleburg’s zoning and development regulations. 

To suggest, as the article does so erroneously, that our mayor was “pushing” or “pitching” anything was, at the least, a very poor choice of words. In fact, he was doing nothing more than informing town residents of two annexation proposals which the town has received.

Terence Cooke, Middleburg

2 thoughts on “Letter: Terence Cooke, Middleburg

  • 2022-04-22 at 9:06 am

    Point well taken. But I do think Mayor Littleton serves as a goodwill ambassador for Middleburg. He helps people see how great the town is. So if some interpret his enthuasiasm as a pitch for additional residents, so be it. Happy Passover Loudoun!

  • 2022-04-25 at 6:35 pm

    Terence Crooke is the Chair of the Planning Commission for Middleburg, a convenient fact which he failed to disclose in his ode to Littleton. Word on the street is that the Town initiated the conversation with the land owner, and not vice versa. The Planning Commission has been looking into expansion opportunities since they adopted a new Comprehensive Plan in 2018. All of this “public discourse” is a mere formality in the course of a decision that has already been made behind closed doors.

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